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29 January, 2006

Post Office launches 118 service

From the BBC.
The Royal Mail has launched a directory enquiries service which it says will undercut rivals like 118 118 and BT.

"could trigger a price war in the industry" - yeah, looks like the industry is due for some cut-price competition.

26 January, 2006

Gates shows off downloading contact info to phone from Windows Live Server

From Silicon:
[Gate's] speech, which is known as a showplace for new devices and
technologies, was also the launching pad for two new cordless
telephones that can download contacts from Windows Live Messenger,
Microsoft's planned successor to its MSN Messenger instant messaging

Transferring old Yahoo360 Blog to Blogger

Yep, I got really bored of bloggin in Yahoo360. Here's the old link.

Why did I change?
  • OK, Yahoo360 allowed you to create a private blog - but it didn't create a public feed - bit of a pain of readers (Simon & Roger).
  • I discovered Performancing plug-in for Firefox. (I guess it makes Firefox like Flock (still in beta). Basically, when browsing a page, hit F8 and immediately post a comment about the page you are browsing to your blog. Nice!