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28 February, 2006 Bags Another $3 Million

The SF-based online networking and classifieds company has return
backers including Mayfield, Knight Ridder and The Washington Post Co. More

10 February, 2006

Contact / Identity / Presence Management + Skype

"Eqo is built around the idea of letting people reach out to each other via identities, or contact lists."
See IM-style Skype calls go mobile from CNET.

08 February, 2006

Competiton Commission steps into Directories market?

A report on Yell's good revenue and profit results.

But more interestingly: "The commission said it had not yet reached a decision on whether to intervene in the directories market, but was assessing if action was needed."

07 February, 2006

Synch everything

Palo Alto start-up Sharpcast has
its coming out party this week at Demo. The company's service synchs
data between your desktop PCs, mobile phones and other devices. See this story.

Google Talk embedded into Gmail

Gmail is edging into an 'integrated address book' with this new feature

Rumor: Google to buy Friendster

"That's a great idea. Now they can merge the uninteresting Friendster with the uninteresting Orkut."
This story sounds a little silly to me.