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30 March, 2006

OpenZoep for open source VoIP (using Jabber)

OpenZoep (pronounced "open soup") from Voipster launched at the end of January. It does:
  • in/outbound P2P calls
  • outbound PSTN calls
  • IM
  • presence
  • phonebook

  • The company's goal is to drive complete interoperability (and hence competition) between VoIP systems, so that there is just one VoIP phone book. Here's a brief review.

    29 March, 2006

    Facebook receives offers of $750m

    Business Week has the story. They're holding out for $2b - sounds PRETTY greedy to me!

    28 March, 2006

    27 March, 2006

    Plaxo stops update emails ... or doesn't push 'em as aggressively

    They have so many users, they don't need 'em any more (10 million members; growing at over 50,000 users a day) - mission accomplished. See Todd Masonis's blog entry.

    Jajah - initiate landline / mobile call from a web page

    Jajah does Webcall Connect. Setup your telephone call via a webpage (ie FROM number and then TO number) and call: your landlines or mobiles ring. Appears to be international.

    I note that Yair Goldfinger, co-founder of ICQ has joined the board too. See story.

    Lycos VOIP launches

    Lycos VOIP launches.

    And cheap too:
    "To entice users to stick with Lycos, it's charging less than 1 cent for PC to phone calls made within the continental U.S. The SkypeOut service costs about 2 cents per minute, and Yahoo Messenger with Voice charges between 1 cent and 2 cents per minute."

    PLUS free U.S. phone numbers and transmission of voice mail messages to e-mail.

    The end of 118 services?

    Here's a community, good neighbour recommendation service - Angie's List (Read the interview - there's more meat to it). Does this spell the end of 118-type services??

    Google results = Angie's List
    Google sponsored ads = 118 services

    You can pay for ads, but you can't pay for Google results (at least in theory). Who do you trust??

    Beware of who links to your public profile

    Detectives used profiles posted on the MySpace social networking website
    to identify six suspects in a rape and robbery that began when a party
    turned violent.

    She [the victim] knew only their first names but their pictures were posted on
    MySpace. "Primarily, we pulled up her friends list. It helped us
    identify some of the players," said Bartley.

    See Police Use MySpace to ID Suspects

    It just shows the power of a public profile .... and who links to it ... and a service that easily ties the two together. The negative (or legal / criminal) side of these stories usually comes out soon after the initial whirl of enthusiasm from the early adopters.

    23 March, 2006

    Ecademy Toolbar launched

    Installs into IE & Firefox. Available at

  • Easy navigation of the Ecademy site - learn it in just 10 minutes!
  • Instant access to the Ecademy site from any site on the web
  • Search from anywhere on the Web
  • Check your email - Hotmail, Yahoo!, Gmail and POP3
  • Login and access top Ecademy features with one click
  • Brings you the latest content: Blogs, Club messages, Marketplace Listings and business news
  • Instant What's New announcements straight to your toolbar

  • Toolbar whitelabelled from Effective Brand

    21 March, 2006

    Podcast interview with CEO of LinkedIn

  • Profitable on a cash flow for the first time this month
  • Revenue $10million (I think)
  • >5million users (it took 18 months for first million users; now 325,000 new member a month ... and accelerating)
  • 50% US; 50% international (mainly English speaking)
  • Localised versions coming
  • The public profile was seen as significant
  • Interestingly, there was mention of InfoCard & some discussion about Sxip.

  • Also there's a naff description of Social Networking 3.0 at the same page too.

    20 March, 2006

    LinkedIn has a new front page

    LinkedIn has a new dashboard with Network Updates and also who's hiring within your network. It also analyses the geographical and sector make-up of your contacts too.

    It also throws up one-off geographies / sectors - just for interest - just to sort of analysis for Midentity Contact Builder.

    Update (12 hours later): ... and it already having a fantastic effect on usage / number of connections that I have.

    17 March, 2006

    Merging Profiles on Dating sites

    Like the concept: 'Collaboradate does for online dating what Trillian does for instant messaging'. See Best Way to Date: Collaborate?

    But the key point is managing multiple profiles from a single source.

    Sound familiar by any chance?

    Ebay (and others) take 10% in Meetup

    Missed this one earlier:

    The investment will total just more than 10% equity interest in .... estimates put the investment -- in which eBay is joined by Omidyar Network, Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Esther Dyson, Allen Co., and Senator Bill Bradley -- at less than $10 million.

    Indeed, Meetup plans to use a portion of the investment to launch six conferences across the country not so dissimilar from the eBay Live conference the company holds annually to bring sellers together. Says Scott Heiferman, "We want to help organizers become great leaders." The first Meetup conference will happen in Houston in May.

    Also, Meetup will use its new resources to launch an advertising campaign to draw attention to local groups.

    The site had 54,000 Meetup groups listed last May, when it began charging a small subscription fee of up to $19 monthly to sponsor the groups. Since then the number of groups has dropped to just over 10,000, but more members have begun attending meetings. "Members are more active because the quality of the groups has improved," says Heiferman.

    13 March, 2006

    Skype for Business - some similiarities to 'Corporate Midentity'

    Some of the features offered include integrating Skype with the
    Microsoft Outlook toolbar and a new auto-management tool that enables
    group administrators to purchase Skype credits for one account and then
    distribute them to employees
    , who can use them for Skype premium
    services such as SkypeIn, SkypeOut, voicemail and third-party
    conference calling.

    Midentity for SMEs with distributable subscription SMS (and now with ClickDial credit).

    See silicon article.

    08 March, 2006

    Sharpcast raises $13.5M

    Update on a previous post about Sharpcast. This story reports that the second round of funding led by Sigma Partners, and joined by existing investors Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Selby Venture Partners

    Zimbra applets does click to call

    Zimbra had a competition to create plugins for their software, which they call "Zimlets." He demonstrates how it works, with an app that recognizes phone numbers in email messages; you click on the phone number and it places a call from your cell phone to that number.

    See the ETech Keynote: Tim O'Reilly

    02 March, 2006

    Ether - a 1-800 service

    Ether lets you set up a phone service where you charge a price for giving people advice over the phone. Ether gives you a number, which you put on your Web site. Users call the number, and Ether collects the payment for you, plus a small fee for itself. See Silicon Beat