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11 September, 2006

Vodafone provides broadband in UK

Mobile operator moves into fixed line, piggy backing off BT, launching by year end, according to the BBC.
Fixed mobile convergence is coming: service providers are bleeding into each other's territory and we can anticipate blood all over the floors and walls, once these brands really start to collide into each other.

10 September, 2006

Voice over 'Plane', no; Data absolutely

Somewhat astonished that the airline industry is so committed to voice on airplanes - see excellent article from the Economist.
And 82% of respondents agreed with the statement "I don't want people talking on their phones during flights."

Nope, IMHO.

08 September, 2006

Milton Keynes to get WiMax network

Milton Keynes will be the first town in the UK to get a WiMax network - by the end of 2006, according to BBC News. Pipex said it hoped to have Wimax deployed in eight UK towns by 2008.

Google Talk Adds Voicemail And File Transfer

As of the end of July (sorry it's late - been busy with hols and house decorating!), Google Talk now has:
  • much requested File Transfer, including directories (with sub-directories too).
  • Voicemail - if you're not around, the voicemail is sent to your Gmail account with the VM as an attachment.
  • Music Status - displays what music you're listening too. Supported Players are: iTunes
    Windows Media Player, Winamp, Yahoo Music Engine. More interesting is that the top songs this week are displayed here. This play list doesn't match the charts - conclusions anyone??