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29 April, 2016

Characteristics of a superb Product Manager

Product Focus authored this excellent blog post on the ingredients of an excellent Product Manager. Here's their initial suggestions:

  1. Passion 
  2. Great at networking 
  3. Thinks big 
  4. Accountable 
  5. Able to focus 
  6. Delivers 
  7. Expert compromiser 
  8. Good communicator 

The post and the comments underneath are well worth a read.

The additional attributes that have been suggested that I like are:

  1. Understand and can explain their basic product economics / Commercial Nouse
  2. Can bring teams together - I think this is a complimentary skill to 2. Great at Networking
  3. Causality / Insightful
  4. Knows their market / customers
  5. Bounce-back-ability

This list is interesting to compare with Product Management interview questions from Ken Norton.