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09 August, 2006

Cross VoIP client from iSkoot: Skype, GTalk & Yahoo

Although iSkoot have only got a Skype client that works on mobiles at the moment (not a bad start!), they mention their intention to include Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. The Trillian of VoIP!

Interestingly, iSkoot & Skype have signed a co-marketing agreement - but looking at it in detail, I think Skype have simply certified iSkoot.

Barablu streams video to a mobile

Barablu is a cross-device VoIP client (PC, PDA & phone), similar to Skype. (Disclaimer: I have done some consulting to Barablu.)

Barablu now permits mobile phones (selected phones only) to receive the other party's webcam (to their mobile phone). See explanation.

04 August, 2006

Ebay rejects Meebome widget

Ebay doesn't like Meebome's widget on any of their auction pages, according to the ongoing dialog between Ebay and SiliconBeat here, .

Fascinating - why the hell did they buy Skype if not to enable dialog between sellers and buyers??


03 August, 2006

Meebo widget allows your website visitors to chat to you directly from your site

If you've got a web page where you'd like to communicate with your visitors, meebo me allows you to see the people who are visiting your web page and chat with them. 

It's a little widget that you add to your page that allows your site visitors to chat to you (the web site owner) using  meebo's excellent service.

Fastap Keypad arrives in the US

OK, if you've ever seen one of these keypads on a mobile mobile, you just know they're a winner.

Between the ordinary 1,2,3 keys on a mobile phone, a Fastap keyboard has full alphanumeric keys around the corners of the numeric keys (slightly raised from the numberic). See close-up of some models.

LG AX490 (pictured) has been released for Digit Wireless in the US (from 160Chars - I credit Mike Grenville @ 160 with the story because he showed off his Fastap phone to me last year.)

Makes sense that this is released in the US, given the popularity of Blackberry. If T9 and predictive texting unleashed SMS, what will a Fastap keyboard do?

Skype Office Toolbar released

Release of a Skype Toolbar for Office apps happened last week. Technically, it isn't that hard to do once you've created a toolbar for Internet Explorer.

REALLY useful if you're ploughing through a list of contacts in Excel for example. It's simply another way that Skype is further (usefully) embedding itself into the fabric.