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04 May, 2006

Skype 2.5 (Beta) with SMS + Skypecast

Skype 2.5 Beta is out. They are making a lot of fuss about sending SMSs (but they have done this before, by chatting at a contact called 'SMS Gateway' - this service was free and didn't work). This implementation looks MUCH better.

Some interesting points though:
  • You can change the 'FROM' number from your mobile number to your Skype name.
  • They actually notified the sender when the SMS is actually delivered to the recipient's phone (niiiice!)

Other newbies:
Share Contacts
  • when you join a pre-established group of contacts, the group members are added your Skype contacts.
Skypecasts - pre-scheduled group chats.
  • What's so special about this? Is it the fact that they are open for anyone to join in?? Consumer webinars??
  • Update: the picture of whoever is speaking in a conference call lights up - useful in anything larger than a four person conference call.
  • Nice viral feature, has some podcasting angles (everyone say "oooh, PODcasting"), but doesn't appear to be exploited - perhaps that will come.
  • I'm still on the fence on this - guess this is a feature whose use(s) will appear over time.

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