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17 July, 2006

Poor usability and lack of service pre-configuration results in dismal mobile experience

Poor usability, mis-selling and lack of service pre-configuration are blamed for the UK mobile industry wasting millions of pounds on ‘No Fault Found’ returns of mobile devices - 63% of mobile devices returned as faulty are in perfect working order.

With each device returned costing operators, manufacturers and retailers in the order of £35, the overall bill to the UK mobile industry is approximately £54 million in wasted expense.
According to a report from WDSGlobal.

.... never mind the lost revenue opportunity, the increased difficulty of reselling to a mobile user who has had a poor experience.

Conclusion: You gotta get it right - particularly on a mobile.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I know I hate the way my phone's features work

"My phone has a scheduler, an alarm clock, a task list, a memo pad, and a voice memo feature. Every single one of them sucks."

That on top of the fact that my cell is my only phone and I get spotty coverage in my house has me looking for a new provider.