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31 July, 2012

Ofcom Report - July 2012

Ofcom's Communications Market Report is always full of stats. Here are a couple that I thought were interesting.

Fixed vs Mobile revenue
  • Voice revenues declined, in contrast to data revenues. Fixed voice revenues declined by 4.9% in 2011 to £8.9bn, while mobile voice revenues fell by 0.9% to £10.5bn.
  • Mobile messaging and handset data revenues increased 5.5% to £4.6bn.
  • Fixed data revenues (broadband and narrowband) increased by 6.8% in 2011 to £3.4bn, with broadband contributing the vast majority. (All figures are retail.)

  • The volume of voice calls shrank for both fixed and mobile telephony.
  • The number of minutes of calls made from fixed telephones was down 10.0% in 2011, while the number of minutes of calls made from mobile phones fell for the first time: down 1.1% on 2010.
  • For the first time, over half (52%) of all call volumes were made from a mobile.

  • People in the UK sent an average of 200 SMS and MMS messages per month in 2011.
  • The average number of text and picture messages sent per UK inhabitant continued to increase in 2011, growing by 17% to 200 messages per month.

  • The total number of UK fixed broadband connections passed 20 million for the first time in 2011. 
  • The number of mobile broadband connections passed 5 million during the year, and by the first quarter of 2012 76% of UK homes had a broadband connection of some description.

Mail (yes, indeed, this is included in the report!)
  • Mail volumes have been falling consistently for the past five years, and declined by 25% between 2006 and 2011.
  • Direct mail usage remains constant, in a failing market, meaning the its share of post is increasing.
  • It is estimated that residential consumers send less than 10% of mail in the UK.

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