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10 January, 2007

iPhone announced

Blogged to death elsewhere (see Apple site and Steve Jobs keynote at MacWorld, but these are the things that made it fascinating:
  • Most impressive is the touch sensitive screen and its capabilities has been baked into the operating system - slick scrolling & appearance of QWERTY keypad when you need it for example.
  • iPhone switches from portrait to landscape mode based on the way when you rotate the device. A proximity sensor detects when you put the phone to your ear, so that you don't 'press' any on-screen buttons.
  • Zooming in on photographs & webpages
  • Sync with iTunes - seamless - kinda as you'd expect: music, podcasts, contacts, calendar etc
  • Auto switching between EDGE (ie mobile) and wi-fi. (3G to come)
  • Conversations in SMS Messages - I like the way that the history of sent and received emails displayed together and not separate Sent and Received folders.

Apple have filed 200+ patents for their iPhone.
Available in June in US (using Cingular exclusively); Q4 in Europe. Asia next year.
Cost starts at $500.

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