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12 January, 2011

Facebook's valuation and what do Harvard student use now?

A Daily Telegraph article, Will Facebook conquer the world?, uses the Goldman Sachs investment to discuss the future of Facebook.

Side note for history: Goldman Sachs invested $450 million (£288 million) in Facebook over the New Year period, taking the valuation of the site to $50 billion (£32 billion). The site has nearly 600 million users (rising at 700,000 people a day), putting the valuation of each user at the amazing amount of $100.

According to the article's author Will Haven, then, "No – the tide is turning, with fears about privacy on the rise."

I spoke to a former classmate of Zuckerberg’s and asked whether Harvard students use the site as much as they used to. “No, definitely not,” he said. “When I signed up, Facebook was a closed and exclusive community. It was exciting to be a part of it. Now that era’s over, Harvard students are much more worried about protecting, not sharing, their own data.”
So what do social media DO Harvard students use?? Anyone?

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