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13 February, 2011

Product Management in small technology companies

Last month's Cambridge Product Management Network monthly meeting was a gem. Rob Davis gave an excellent presentation on Product Management in small technology companies (click this link to see slide deck).

What made it really interesting was that Rob distilled 10/15+ years experience in embedded software, hardware + software and purely software.

Key lessons learnt:
  • Be brave
  • There's more than one way to skin a cat
  • Just do it

Key Influences:

An excellent 'So what' Question and Answer methodology for Product Managers to keep in their heads at all times:
  • To: Description of market segment
  • Who: Have a particular set of characteristics
  • We Provide: Name / Description of Product
  • That: Yields specific user benefit / user function
  • By: My customer implementing what steps or processes and paying what money
  • Unlike: Competitors' offering
Next month's presentation on Pricing should be excellent - see you there!

1 comment:

Arthur said...

Here is very similar approach:

OUR [Name of product / service]
HELPS [Customer segment]
WHO WANT TO [achieve objective]
BY [description of the functionality]
IN ORDER TO [business advantage that the customer receives]
UNLIKE [competitors' capabilities]