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28 April, 2011

GroupMe - Group SMS, teleconferencing and more

GroupMe does Group SMS, presumably much like my own startup, Midentity, did MiCircles in 2003 - hard to think that was 8 years ago! (Click here to see the MiCircles home page on the Way Back Machine.)

GroupMe adds more though teleconferening. Once you're connected with others, then you can share your location or photos.

The analogy that I like to use is that once you have established a washing line between two people, lots of information can be put on the line and winched over.

Getting connected only the first part. The big question is what happens next.
  • Facebook have determined that other people's content is the most important thing - sharing photos. Hence why they want people to make public as much information as possible.
  • LinkedIn wants to make money out of Job Ads
  • etc, etc 
However, I think the real value of being connected, is easing individual to individual communication: uniting (into one common interface) all of the communication protocols that we commonly use would be hugely beneficial (across all devices): a single address book for email, phone calls, SMS, IM.....

Anyone got any product suggestions for this? Or should I pull out my copy of the Midentity business plan (circa 2002) and re-do it all again??


Bernie said...


Would have been good to finish of the MiCircles always thought it was one of the simplest and easiest things we did.

And yes we are still a way of the Midentity approach yet.


mensajes claro said...

i love it because people can share their locationa and pictures too.