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11 December, 2019

Product Management and Product Marketing - a perfect union in B2B

Redgate Software explain how they define Product Managers and Product Marketing for B2B software - and how, together, they make a perfect union to bring products to market and how those products are consumed.

Their model (above) is based on the SiriusDecisions Product Marketing and Management Model which is reproduced below for ease of consumption as it is hidden behind a (free) registration wall (too much of an impediment for its value, IMHO).

Redgate's description is an improvement (much clearer and tighter in scope) where as SiriusDecisions diagram is more encompassing by slotting product in between marketing and sales.

Redgate's version shows the division of labour and where they work together.

Beta Programme Management

The only thing I see missing from Redgate's model is a beta programme management - which is referenced in SeriusDecisions model.

In my experience, the beta programme can be managed by either party, but best led by Product Marketing initially, who are closer to the customer. However, the lead may change in a small beta programmes, under three circumstances that I can think of:

  • The beta programme is very technical in terms of functionality and requires of Engineering's expertise to implement or generate significant value OR
  • The latest release uses novel technology which is 'sensitive' (shall we say!) or both the rest of the organisation and the customer don't understand OR
  • The beta has significantly more technical issues than anticipated and effectively Engineering has to jump in and effectively resolve and effectively they run the show.

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