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27 October, 2006

Microsoft releases Windows Live Barcode

OK, the headline got me excited: Microsoft is getting in 2D barcodes and has chosen QR codes (in comparison to Datamatrix or a host of other barcode standards) and has slapped the "Live" moniker on it. Cool....

I jumped to their site (has an expired security certificate and only works in IE) and discovered some basic information + QR code generators that don't work + a tour with a dismal implementation demonstration.

Nice one, Microsoft, that was useful.

Further browsing revealed that it has come out of their Shanghai offices. Apparently the technology has been running in Spaces in Japan for a while.

No sign of a mobile client yet (assume only on Windows Mobile, n'est-ce pas), but coming soon according to this post.

So what ARE Microsoft doing? I'm none the wiser....

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