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12 September, 2016

More Product Management Mistakes (from Rich Mironov)

Rich Mironov, a product management expert, lists some of the mistakes that a new product manager might make in the first 6 months. I summarise them here, but go to the article for the details:

  1. Promise a new feature to a customer without running it past your team.
  2. Generalize your first three customer interviews into a market segment.
  3. Confuse sales calls with customer learning/research
  4. Believe your own marketing/selling materials about why customers use and love your product
  5. Announce that you’re "CEO of the product"
  6. Tell engineers how to solve a technical problem
  7. Postpone meeting your internal counterparts
  8. Confuse process steps (stories, tickets, releases) with market success (renewals, revenue, customer love)

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