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07 December, 2006

3's X-Series pricing announced

Given that 3 is smallest of the 5 operators in the UK and, being a 3G network, needs to differentiate itself, it certainly has made a splash with its announcement of its new X-Series prices. (See my previous comments on why I think its bundling strategies are naive.)

X-Series Silver (£5 per month)
  • Free Skype calls with Skype PC users and to any other Skype 3 mobile customer.
  • Unlimited instant messages, to or from Windows Live Messenger or Yahoo! Messenger, to another X-Series handset, or a PC.
  • Unlimited Internet browsing
  • 6 month minimum contract

X-Series Gold (£10 per month)
  • Access to a home TV with Slingbox (watching TV on your phone, setting your VCR)
  • Access home PC with Orb (access your files on your PC using your phone)
  • 12 month minimum contract
Clearly this is a very aggressive policy - as per my previous comments, this bundling needs to be easy to try, without lock-in. I'd recommend "Free for first 2 months".

Buried in the press release is the announcement that from January 2007, there will be no international roaming voice call charges when using Skype on 3’s networks overseas.

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