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03 December, 2007

CommNexus GadgetFest 07

I attended the excellent GadgetFest in the middle of November in San Diego.

Companies presenting are listed below. The winner was Shopping Assistant from Motorola. I would have awarded the prize to WiseDV - see below.

CompanyProductMy POV
  1. Make a local call.
  2. You say the person's name in your address book that you would like to call.
  3. You're connected. (More here)
Very similar to Rebtel, which I have just configured for my wife.Interestingly, the COO is the former Head of the Mobile Product Group at Skype.
Not differentiated enough from other VoIPs
MotorolaIn-store handheld advertising.
  1. You pick the device up and the entrance.
  2. You swipe your loyalty card, so it knows your regular shopping list
  3. Coupons and offers are presented, ALONG with the map of the store (nice!)

Eventual winner.

I envisage lots of implementation issues here, but Motorola's brand name will most probably mean this will become a familiar feature of shopping in the future.

GPSitA sturdy GPS tracking device that can be bolted onto the bottom of a vehicle (for example) and tracked for many days.Not blowing me away with innovation here
Novatel WirelessGlobal tri-band HSDPA/UMTS and quad band EDGE/GPRS modem stick with 4Gb data storage.
Not sure I'm doing it justice here....
Looked darned useful.
Your Truman Show Err, YouTube with a little more social pixie dust, I think. Nice UI, but didn't see much evidence of pixie though.
Truphone Wi-fi VoIP - similar to a former client of mine, Barablu.
The Presenter was Tom Carter, co-founder of BridgePort Networks (MobileVoIP + FMC) who presented last year at GadgetFest.
There's much more to this than meet the eye. I'd like to know more please!
Pulse~link First room-to-room distribution of multiple HDTV streams and multimedia content over both coax and wireless connections simultaneouslyAs one of the judges said, "I think I'll buy another DVD player instead".
The Pulse~link presenter was flummoxed.
WiseDV Handheld device that gives the attendee at sports stadiums, arenas and concert halls more angles, more views, replay, stats to enhance the viewing experience.The winner, IMHO.

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