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18 December, 2012

Digital Lockers and Personal Digital Identity

Last week's Economist carried an excellent article last week, 'Know thyself - Data lockers promise to help people profit from their personal information'.

This reminds me sooo much of Midentity's business concepts (see previous blog posts on Midentity) from over 10 years ago.

The time is getting closer for Personal Digital Identity Management. When I first met Simon Grice (Twitter, LinkedIn, in February 2002, I guessed that these concepts that he was talking about back then were 10 years away from viability. I still think they are another 3, 4 or 5 years away from becoming a necessity.

If / When Facebook falls over (most probably due to its repeated inability to manage individual's personal data properly), Personal Digital Identity Management Services will be its replacement and the services that Simon and I sketched out will become reality.


Oleg said...

Sounds a lot like VRM:

Arthur said...

Yah, VRM is part of the picture. In B2C, one would use VRM to share appropriate information with service providers.

In C2C, one uses Facebook / Twitter [or replace with any other Web 2.0 / Social Software serviece] to share information between your peers.

Digital Identity spans B2C and C2C - how you wander around the globe digital with others, be they for-profit, government, not-for-profit, special interest groups, collaborative network, friends, peers, colleagues.

See this article, Defragging identity, disclosures and vendor relationship management from 2007. It's interesting to note that Dick Hardt & Esther Dyson were investors in Midentity.