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15 February, 2007

BT to partner with FON for more phone ready wi-fi hotspots

A rumor from earlier this month hasn't been substantiated yet: a deal between:
  • BT -- broadband ISP and more importantly providers of BT Fusion, a dual-mode phone that connects to your wi-fi router at home, but roams on cellular network (Vodafone) elsewhere and
  • FON --the largest WiFi community (250K) in the world grown by purchasing a modified wireless router that allows to connect to other 'Foneros' when you're roaming.
Nice deal, of course, which makes oodles of sense.

Two comments that I thought were interesting:
BT can separate VoIP packets on their side of the broadband connection, providing a higher-quality service than a company like Vonage, which must push VoIP packets over the broadband connection out to the Internet, over an unpredictable route.
Clearly if the call terminates with BT too, otherwise the consumer won't see too much difference.

The article claims that BT could push software to its routers to enable Fon.
Possible I suppose, but sounds messy.

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