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13 February, 2007

Preview of GSM, Barcelona

The great and good (50K of them!) gather in Barcelona this week for 3GSM. Here's an interesting preview from John Strand, a telco consultant that got his head screwed on and from Informa.

Hot topics for this year:
  • mobile-TV (so last year)
  • IMS
  • mobile VoIP
  • user generated content (so last year and the year before that)
  • mobile advertising (worth US$11.3 billion by 2011 according to Informa)
  • Location based services (another any-day-now service, but this time GPS-based, rather than cell-based)
There is no doubt that the industry is facing large changes, but who will be the future heroes: "the big old boys" or "the small new kids on the block"?
I think this year will be the last year that we can state with confidence 'the big old boys'.

Next year's conference will raise the question: 'Lots of new technology - SO WHAT? - show me the end-consumer benefit!'. Read this excellence article on Pricing and User Experience in Industry Remembers Customers from 160 Characters.

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